Advertising is an activity most small businesses hate to do. Why? Because, they say, it just doesn't work! And in many cases they may be right. Advertising is expensive and tricky. You put an ad out there and spend a considerable amount of money and nobody ever comes in and tells you they saw your ad. So, that means it does not work, right?!

Not necessarily. Advertising is not a bad thing. It can help people recognize you and what you have to offer. But unless they are ready to buy what you are selling chances are they will never act on your ad.

The experts, whoever they are, say that unless some one wants or needs what you have to offer you can spend 20 million dollars advertising to them and they will ignore it. However, when they want or need what you have to offer they will remember seeing your ad even if it was a while back.

But maybe you should be marketing your business instead of advertising it...


Marketing is different from advertising and is an activity all businesses MUST do if they ever expect to grow beyond the smallest of sizes. Did anyone ever tell you how a square is ALWAYS a rectangle but a rectangle is not always a square? Well, that is true. You see, a rectangle always has four sides. A square also always has four sides. The difference is that a square's sides are always equal while a rectangle can have two sides of one length and two sides of a different length.

In the same way, advertising is not always marketing, but marketing is always advertising!

The difference is that marketing has a call to action designed to get the viewer to actually do something the business wants them to while advertising may just give name, address, phone number and a advertising line or two.

So, instead of advertising your business Market it and see if the results aren't better.