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A Printer by Trade

In 1984 I was operating my first real venture into entrepreneurship. I was having some success but was still looking for that "Thing". You know, that one thing you do because you love it not because you have to.

In the course of operating that business I got acquainted with the gentleman who was operating the local print shop.

He was a grizzled old man who had been in printing for many years. He was as honest and helpful as any person you could want to be and I owe him a great debt of gratitude for all he taught me. As we conversed one day he mentioned that the owner of the shop wanted to sell it.

This got my curiosity up. For some crazy reason I thought that printing might be a good move. After all, it was a Trade, not just a business. To me that meant work almost anywhere you went, and potential good pay.

Long story short...

I became a printer by Trade. I was immediately confronted with one of these...


A Linotype machine. Talk about old technology (well it was to me). I dove in and learned how to use this monster to set type, we didn't have one of those newfangled photo typsetters.

And by golly, I found the one thing I did for love, not because I had to.

Here it is 33 years later and I am still a Printer by Trade. Things have changed considerably in that 33 years.

At one point we did get that newfangled photo typsetter. We began to get successful, circumstances changed and I spent 10 years living in the Caribbean. In all 10 years I was involved in being a Printer by Trade.


During those years the desktop computer came into its own and that newfangled photo typesetter became the linotype machine of its era.

The personal computer had an overpowering affect on the printing industry. It almost killed the small local shop. It took several years for small shops to redefine themselves and identify niches that they could serve.

For several years sales became my means of living. Replacement windows, siding, roofing, security systems, fire detection equipment, business memberships, advertising.

All the while I was still a Printer by Trade and so I decided to take a leap of faith and get back into printing directly.

Continued in the right column

As a small business Owner I have hit every
wall you run up against.

against wall
I know, you are on on the left side of the wall and you need to be on the right side. I have been there too! It's very frustrating and stressful. You need to break through but...

What does the wall represent? Is it...

  • Sales
  • Cash Flow
  • Supplier Issues
  • Quality Printing
  • Conversion Rates
  • Employee Related
  • Marketing/Advertising

These are just a few of the walls almost every business owner runs into.The list certainly doesn't cover everything. I am not an expert in everything but I do understand how to scale, get around or under some of these walls we all are running into on a daily basis.

I am probably qualified to assist you with any printng that you may require for your business. I have been deeply immersed in printing for over 33 years. I have done it using 19th Century technology through 21st Century technology. So I am comfortable saying that.

I am probably somewhat qualified to speak about advertising and marketing because I have either been doing it or helping others do it for over 30 years. So, here you will learn a little about printing, but more about advertising and marketing a small business.

What is the One Thing A Small Business Owner Knows He/She Should Do But Most Times Doesn't Believe It Works?

Advertise ~ Market

I know, it's maddening! Every time you turn around there is some salesperson with the best idea since sliced bread. He/she is trying to force you to spend your hard earned dollars on some cockamamee scheme to get a line of 10,000 people standing in front of your door waving the ad you just ran or showing you the coupon on their phone or in some way exclaiming how they have just got to have whatever widget you are selling!

You're smarter than that. But, down in your heart you know you should be keeping your name out there but how to do it without spending every last penny that comes in the door. That is the question.

You know that not everyone is in need or want of your widget all the time. but, most people will either want or need your widget at some point. When that point arrives you want them to remember that you sell the best widget there is at an honest price with super service. Heck you might even want your marketing to nudge them toward wanting or needing your widget.

How can you do that and still make some money?

Well, let's look at some of the options

TV: Well, a picture may be worth a 1,000 words and TV may provide a mass market with many ideal customers, patients or clients for your business. And it can be very effective. Problem is, it can also be very expensive and a rather shotgun approach to reaching your target market.

Yellow Pages: A traditional powerhouse. But; 21st Century technology has put a real damper on the effectivenes of the Yellow pages and driven the cost way above many small businesses reach. With the smartphone all one has to do is speak into it and it will bring back more info than could possibly be included in a Yellow page ad and the younger generations almost don't know what the Yellow pages are.

Newspaper: Going the way of the yellow pages. More and more people are getting their newspaper on line, if they read one at all. The cost of advertising is skyrocketing as readership goes down and production costs go up.

Trade or Specialty Magazines: Much more of a rifle approach but can be very costly.

Radio: Can be effective if used properly. If not, it can be ineffective and expensive. This is one media many of my clients avail themselves of and feel it gives them good ROI. It takes some thought and some planning, but radio can be a valuable marketing tool if used properly. It is one method I would recommend any one I am speaking with, concerning marketing, investigate.

Direct Mail: One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools any business has at its disposal. Traditionally brings in a good response and if the process is good, it traditionally results in satisfactory sales. It takes a lot of planning. A lot of research. A lot of preparation. And does not come cheap. Having said that it is one of the best avenues for reaching your target market. One of two or three methods that allows a business to target those that will receive it. This is the true rifle approach. You define what your target is then you obtain a list that contains those demographics and send your marketing piece to them. There is a lot more to it that this, but this method can be a real revenue enhancer. In this realm is Every Door Direct Mail. A program offered by the Post Office that can be very effective and much less expensive than traditional direct mail.

On Line: This is true 21st Century marketing. Back in 1993 if you had an e-mail address you were cutting edge! By 1995 that was as common place as a telephone, almost. By 2000 if you did not have a web site you were falling behind rapidly. By 2010 if you did not have multiple avenues of on line marketing you were a complete dinosaur!

Attention Keeper Messages: WHAT!?!?!? What is an Attention Keeper you may ask? An Attention Keeper is the only medium I know of that almost compels those who are near one to direct their attention to it, It is the only medium I can claim gives you a Captive Audience. If you want to keep your current customers engaged and buying more; while at the same time encouraging non-customers to give you a try and become customers as well. click here to learn more about one of the most innovative, affordable methods of increasing Your ROI by hitting Your Target Market - Guaranteed!

A Printer by Trade

Since small local business is my passion I decided to combine a bunch of my skills &
experiences and I took that leap of faith and bought a bunch of equipment so I could print marketing materials for local businesses.

ryobi 3302

My main product was to be place mats! Yep, I was going into the place mat printing business and I was going to give those place mats away to the restaurants at NO CHARGE!

Then, I ws going out to the business community and market ads on those place mats. These place mats would be two colors which would make them more attractive and separate me from the other printer who also was doing this.

It took a couple of years to get established but I found that my plan was working and I had 5 area restaurants who were using around 250,000 place mats per year and a core of clients who were putting their message on them.

Problem was, I didn't have enough time to do all I needed to do to grow the business. I am a one man show and have to do it all. My production process was time consuming and strenuous.

It takes a lot of time to set-up a printing press and a lot of time to clean one up when done. Add to that the need to create single color images from every logo my clients use and then separate them into two images for printing in two colors.

oh my

It had me pulling my hair out!

Then I decided to open up new territory. I went 60 mi. south and chose three towns to start my program in.

I set up 5 more restaurants and now I have 790,000 place mats to print. In the course of getting these restaurants it was suggested that maybe going digital would make sense.

Another long story short...

I decided to change my entire process. I am selling the offset presses and have installed a

digital press.

No more inked up hands, no more two hours cleaning so I can go to the next job. No more thirty minutes getting the ink level, the registration in place while wasting good paper along with the time.


I can offer my clients Full Color in their messages. I no longer print place mats! I now print "Attention Keepers"! Please enjoy a trip around this site and learn what ATD Marketing can offer your business and/or restaurant.

I love what I do and my clients tell me it works. What else could one ask for?!

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