Jjoe MasseyspacerHi, I'm Joe Massey the owner of ATD Marketing. I know, that's quite the ugly mug. But, it is the only one I have so just ignore it. When asked to
describe myself I usually say this, "I am a printer by trade. A salesman by necessity and an entrepreneur at heart." What this really means is, I can't hold a job so I have to create my own.

ATD Marketing is the current version of a business that was created in 1990 by myself & my late wife, Jo Ellen Massey. In 1990 Jo Ellen & I were living in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. I was working as a press operator in a local print shop and Jo Ellen was working as the front office person at a competing print shop. Wierd, I know, it's a long story!?!? Anyway, as my self description indicates, I grew restless working for some one else and decided there was a niche to fill and I started Forms-A-Plenty.

Forms-A-Plenty was supposed to offer forms and other printing services to local businesses utilizing commercial printers in the states. As originally concieved we did not think we could compete on basic printing services from the local printers. As it turned out we were able to compete against the local printers on price, turnaround time and service on all types of printing, including business cards, stationery and we found the ad specialties market quite lucartive as well. Anyway, we operated Forms-A-Plenty for 9 years before deciding to move back to the mainland and we sold Forms-A-Plenty, It continued to operate for over 5 more years.

When we moved to Arkansas from St. Croix it was only a short time before once again, I got restless working for wages and Attention To Detail came to be. It was modeled on Forms-A-Plenty but also included the addition of web design and more marketing activities. After Jo Ellen passed away I floundered around for a couple of years and then moved back to my hometown in Indiana and resurrected the business under the name ATD Marketing (Attention To Detail was too long). It has been ATD Marketing since 2005 and I am happy with that. I am also happy with how the business has evolved from a basic print broker to a multi-media company offering not only printing & ad specailties; but also 21st century marketing options like web design and mobile marketing via Apps and SMS along with empahsis on helping small locally owned business bring their marketing into the 21st Century using a full spectrum of on line and off line strategies.

In 2013 I got the urge to run a printing press again so I purchased an old Ryobi single color press ryobi 2800 cdand began printing place mats with advertising on them for local restaurants. I decided that our mats would be different from those that were currently being offered in our area restaurants. I began printing two color mats to give them some more attention drawing power and incorporated QR codes into them so my clients could tell more of their story to those interested. We made a flat, paper product into an interactive piece and that has given us a little bit of an edge over our competitors. Now, I am as lazy as anyone and found printing two color mats on a single color press was not only a lot of work, the quality was not up to my standards. So, I purchased a two color Ryobi ryobi 3302press and started printing faster and at a much higher quality than before. I am now fully invested in old school technology and enjoying running a printing press as well as selling and marketing other products that help our local small businesses compete in this new economy and marketplace.

My passion is small business and I hope it shows in the services ATD offers and how I approach what I do. It is my mission and the mission of ATD Marketing to provide products and services that truly benefit my clients and that they can be proud of as well. ATD Marketing remembers what service really means and I pledge that you will get better service from us than you do from almost any other business you deal with and the Attention To Detail we take will assure you of a quality job every time.

My name is Joe Massey and I wish you Success In All You Do!

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