If you want your message placed in front of a captive audience where that audience is almost compelled to look at it you should have ATD Marketing put it on a place mat! Nowhere else can you be guaranteed a captive audience! Think about it...

When you go to a restaurant to eat this is what happens...

You enter the establishment, then either you seat yourself or some one directs you to a table or booth. At which point the waiter or waitress brings you a menu, asks you what you would like to drink then walks away. You spend the next few minutes looking at the menu and waiting for your server to return with your drinks and to take you order.

Then, depending on what you ordered you have 10 to 20 minutes to wait for your food to arrive. (we're talking about a sit down restaurant, not a fast food restaurant)
During this time you have very little to do to occupy your mind. We humans like to keep our minds occupied so you begin to talk or look around for something to do with that time. If there is a table tent or flip chart hawking special drinks, deserts or something else the restaurant offers that they want you to consider buying you may just look at that even if you have no intention of buying that lucious looking margarita or brownie with ice cream and chocolate syrup dripping down it.

If that does not exist, you may start looking at the pictures on the wall or glancing at the other diners. You may even invent a life for those diners based on what they are wearing, what they look like or who they are with. We all do this just to keep our minds occupied while we wait. There is nothig wrong with any of this, but what if right there on the table top was a coloful place mat with messages from local businesses? Odds are you will at least glance at those place mats and if you are attracted to any of the images you may even read the message whether or not you are truly interested in what they offer.

Let me tell you a story about what happened today...

Today, Feb. 15, 2016 my sister and I were eating lunch in one of the restaurants where we have place mats. It was cold outside and my sister smokes. So, she said she would walk over to the convenience store next door to get some cigarettes and smoke one so I didn'thave to standout in the cold (I won't let her smoke in my car, I know; I'm mean). Anyway, while she was gone a couple came in and sat down in the booth behind me. I could not see them but after the waitress asked them what they wanted to drink and walked away I could hear the man talking and his entire conversation was about the businesses he saw on the place mat. He mentioned the Electrician and had a comment or two, he then moved on to the next business and mentioned that he knew where they were located but did not know they did body work and that he knew the owners were young and.that the business was located where the Tractor Supply had been several years before. They were still discussing the ads when my sister came back in and we left the restaurant.

That is exactly what those businesses who placed their message on the mats hope will happen. I don't know if this couple will visit any of the businesses they talked about, but they seemed interested in the remote starters that one of them offered. However, when they are ready for any of those things it is very possible they will remember seeing the ad on the place mat and visit those businesses and make a purchase.

The ads are interactive so as to take advantage of the new mobile, electronic marketplace...

Also, if you find you do have an interest in what the business is offering you may pull out your smart phone and scan the QR code included in the message and read more, use the coupon, look at the pictures, check out the hours the business is open, etc.

Once again this is what each of the businesses who have their message printed on the mat hopes will happen. Since you have little to do during this time you may find yourself doing so unconcioulsy. If we have done our job right and made the mat attractive enough we will accomplish our goal of having people actually look at the ads. We can't be held responsible for what they do after they look, but we work hard to make sure they will look.

If this makes sense to you, you can have an ad on placemats in the resturants we serve that look similar to this one:
Ad size: 3.25" x 2"


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