We serve the area within a 60 mile radius of Danville, Illinois for place mats, take out menus, pizza box toppers and any area for menus, VIP Programs and other printing and marketing services including Ad Specialties such as pens, calendars, key chains, etc.

areas served

The reason we limit our areas of service for the Free products we offer is that in order to keep costs to our clients as low as possible we do not want to travel more than 60 miles one way. For our other services and products we can serve you no matter how far away you may be. We want to sell as much as we can, but we also want to make sure what we have to sell is affordable for our small locally owned businesses. They, like us, have small marketing budgets and we do them a disservice if we have to charge too much for the marketing programs we offer.

So, if you have a restaurant that is outside the circle above but would like to participate in a program that we offer, then you and or I must recruit an agent that lives in your area. If you are looking for an opportunity to add some new income to your bottom line or know some one who would like to, please get in touch with
ATD Marketing and we'll see if this is something that we can help offer. We would be honored to do the printing for you or anyone who meets our criteria. We will act as a consultant to anyone who truly wishes to operate a business providing quality, reasonably priced marketing to small, locally owned businesses at absolutely no charge to you for the consulting service. We make our money printing stuff, so if you sell it you make the advertising money and we make the printing money. Most times the one selling the ads makes much more money than we do, but that is OK with us.