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Address: 17151 Key Lane - Oakwood, IL 61858
Phone: 217-474-3971
e-mail: business@atdmarketing.com
Company web site: www.atdmarketing.com

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To see the restaurants we currently serve and the cost to put your message on them
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If you own a restaurant that would like to be a part of our business building program and help other local businesses get their message
out to the public and get FREE place mats for your restaurant or even get paid to put them on the tables then you should
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Or, maybe you are looking for a business opportunity. We are commercial printers and work in a 50 mi. radius of our physical location. That leaves a lot of
territory we can't cover. We would be happy to be able to provide place mats for communities outside our local area and if you think you would like
to have a business of your own where you do the selling and we do the printing then you should
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