We Currently Have Mats In Four Area Restaurants

Benjamin's Family Restaurant
Benjamin's Restaurant
~ 225 11th St. - Covington, IN 47932 ~

Benjamin's serves home-style meals from 6 a.m. til 9 p.m 7 days a week.
The food is excellent and the portions are generous. You will probably take some
home with you. We put 10,000 place mats per month in this small restaurant and sometimes can't keep up with them. You can't go wrong by eating here and if you have a business in East Central Illiinois or West Central Indiana it would be to your benefit to have your message on their place mats. Irregardless of your marketing, you should stop in at Benjamin's and partake of their cooking. (Their prime rib sandwich is incredible!)

Agave Azul
Agave Azul Tequila Bar & Restaurant
~ 833 Liberty St. - Covington, IN 47932 ~

Sun. - Thurs. 11a.m. - 9p.m.
Fri. - Sat. 11a.m. - 10p.m.

Covington's newest restaurant. Serving Mexican and American Cuisine. They serve incredible Mexican food with a relaxed atmoshere. The decor is interesting and Mexican themed. You won't go hungry eating here as the portions are generous and very tasty. Famous for Fajita's!!! The facility was remodled specifically for a Mexican restaurant and is very comfortable. We are putting 5,000 mats here every month and your business would profit by exposing their customers to your message.

Wanda's Family Restaurant
~100 N. Main St. - Georgetown, IL 61846~

Located in the old Hardees Restaurant
Wanda's features home coooking and a friendly atmosphere.
Locals enjoy a hearty breakfast and Daily Specials.


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The Little Nugget Steakhouse and Bar
Little Nugget
~ 6 S. Henning Lane - Danville, IL 61832 ~

The Little Nugget is open daily for breakfast at 6 a.m. and until midnight 7 days a week. You can cook your own steak at their indoor grill or have them fix you up a delicious meal. They specialize in steaks, sandwiches (the breaded tenderloin is great) and a variety of appetizers and a salad bar that can satisfy any rabbit food craving you may have. We are putting 7,500 mats per month in the Nugget and they have a customer base that covers all age groups.

Place mat advertising in a new format!

We not only print your message in an attractive, effective manner in two distinctive colors, we also provide you with an interactive marketing media.

Your ad will contain a QR code that will allow the viewer to get more detailed information about your business. We will build you an attractive mobile friendly page behind this QR code as a part of your presentation. You can put your hours, pictures, any message you wish, even audio or video, a coupon to call the viewer to action, a form to capture information, a link to your web site, e-mail, facebook page and tap to call links so the viewer can call or text you right then and there.

This comes with your subscription and if you wish, we can actually build you a mobile web site with multiple pages for a small upcharge to bring you into the mobile marketplace for a very reasonable upcharge.

This also allows us to track the scans so we know if people are taking advantage of what you are offering. Try that with most printed materials you may use. Our innovative approach gives you more for your money than many of the traditional methods you may be using and brings you into the 21st Century marketplace, which is very different than what we all have been used to in the past!

We know that one of the most perplexing and difficult things facing you as a small business owner is how to most effectively market your business. It can also be one of the most expensive activities you undertake. For these reasons many of us don't even attempt to market our businesses and that is truly a mistake. Without marketing most businesses will not thrive, they will just go along until the momentum goes away and they soon follow.

We will never claim to have the best thing since sliced bread, but we do believe we have a way to expose your message to large numbers of people in your market area at a reasonable cost. Call Joe today at 217-474-3971 and get all the details so you can make an informed decision. There is NEVER an obligation and you might be surprised at how easy it is to put your message in front of 100,000's of eyes!

Call today and schedule a no obligation appointment to get your questions answered and receive a free gift that you can use every day!

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